Lainey Delaroque

Author of the Club Lavender Duet

Lainey Delaroque started writing poems when she was stuck in hospital with pneumonia. She was 11 years-old then and hasn’t stopped writing since. She loves dangerous, fantastical worlds and morally grey characters. She writes diverse romantic thrillers packed with action, danger and sizzling tension. When the suspense is too much for Lainey, she takes a break by writing contemporary romance stories with kinky twists.





Current works in progress

The Brigand Children (Club Lavender #2) – undergoing final proofread – releasing on: 14 September 2021

Unnamed (Moon Garden Tales #2) – writing first draft – tentative release: January/February 2022

Dark Possessions Trilogy (Three-book series) – plotting – tentative release: August/September 2022