THE lavender phantom

CLub Lavender book 1


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Sophie Taylor, 24, loves three things: her sister, tea and kinky pain. As the single guardian of 14-year-old Melanie, she works hard and plays hard, navigating being a good sister and a responsible adult every day.

When her sister returns home with a myriad of bruises and a single memory of club Lavender, Sophie feels like a failed parent– and itches to see justice done.

She infiltrates Lavender in search of the culprits and hard evidence to bring them down. Lavender unravels before her with its sumptuous drinks and lavish aesthetic but as she finds an attractive man tied-up in the basement, she uncovers the place has a vicious, depraved side, ready to suck her in.

Alone in a club full of enemies, Sophie struggles to keep sight of her goal. But someone has her back. The Lavender Phantom, an urban legend said to haunt Lavender and help those in need, has taken an interest in her. But can Sophie really trust this mysterious stranger, or is he another hook to drag her deeper into Lavender’s intoxicating danger?

When she learns the life of another child could be destroyed in Lavender’s extravagant rooms, she has to choose – save him or save herself.



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