Spinning the wheel

The hardest part of pregnancy changes each hour, like spinning a fucked up game show wheel and losing each time. Right now it’s the weight. Baby is almost here so my protruding belly upsets my balance and makes me waddle like a duck. My lower back is killing me and I swear to god my spine is bent in some weird shape. My wife comes home and takes one look at me before smiling devilishly and walking behind me. 

“Here.” She drops her backpack on the floor and puts two hands on the sides of my bump. 

Then she lifts and I melt as the weight disappears. The heat of her at my back is comforting, and her breath tickles the nape of my neck, sending pleasant shivers from my core to my toes.

I definitely gave the pregnancy wheel a winning spin just now.


Prompt used: Pregnancy

Copyright: Lainey Delaroque 2022

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