See This Broken Toy

You told me you liked me. You brushed my hair every night and then you put me to bed next to you. You stared at the ceiling and told me stories about your childhood. I was gazing into your ear. You never turned to face me. I examined the left side of your face while you recalled unimaginable things. Growing up was never something I could comprehend. 

You told me you were lonely. I lent you my lips and you took them. You looked at me for a brief moment before closing your eyes shut. You stopped brushing my hair, you ran your fingers through it every night instead. You hugged me close, pressing my head to your chest. I studied every mole, every small imperfection on the skin covering your rib cage.

You told me you wanted more. I gave you my arms, and my legs, and everything in between. You told me to close my eyes. You held me down passionately, strands of your hair kissing the top of my forehead. I knew you were looking at me. I focused on the rhythmic melody of your heavy breathing drowning in the darkness behind my eyelids.

You told me you loved me. You stopped moving me from the bed and I awaited you every day, eager for our next meeting. I was happy my tangled hair was still to your liking. You taped my eyes shut and tied my arms to the bed. Droplets of smouldering sweat falling on my face as you moved were my only connection to you.

You told me nothing. You put me in the closet and left me in the dark. I could hear you talking to someone else. I wanted to be good but I slipped out of the ropes and untaped my eyes. In the slit between the doors I could see you and another. You were laughing and I followed your eyes. They led to another pair, wide open and full of light.

“I want you to see me.”

You told me nothing when I kicked the doors and faced you. You only gestured to the closet. I refused to go inside.

You told me you loved me when I pushed your companion to the side. You kneeled in red and begged me to stop. 

You told me you wanted more. You said I was not enough. You cradled your face as you cried. I wanted to study your eyes so I pried your palms away.

You told me you were lonely. Holding on to disfigured fingers, you screamed you wanted something real. I kneeled next to you and opened your eyes to finally meet mine.

You told me you liked me. Once. Then you broke down when my fingers sunk in your eye sockets. I picked your head up but you remained silent. 

Do you see me now?


Prompt used: Sex toys

Copyright: Lainey Delaroque 2022






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