No one will know

“It will be fine. No one will know.” That’s what Minnie thinks as she walks into the pub to meet her brother-in-law. It’s Saturday night and it’s crazy she’s here tonight but she can’t help herself. Saturday night is date night, everyone knows that. 


And Minnie is no different, it’s just that meeting her boyfriend has to be secret. It’s been a secret ever since they were out in the forest, camping. Lots of things can happen when two people are alone overnight in the middle of the night. She still remembers that first kiss, and the little pang of guilt she felt when their lips touched again and again the next few hours.


Deep in memory, she almost misses him sitting in the corner booth on the right. Last week had been crazy – she had to juggle looking after the kids and sending Christmas presents to the whole extended family. Minnie’s husband was no help at all. After he’d run over their little dog, he’d been withdrawn, and his quietness was getting on Minnie’s nerves. Not that it matters, her days are now filled with the words and care of another man.


A forbidden man, which makes the whole affair so much sweeter. Last month, her brother-in-law took her skydiving, under the pretext of family time. They played in the air in all the ways family never should. The vast sky and a non-caring pilot were their only witnesses and they felt close to heaven. 


Tonight is going to be much tamer, but still heaps better than standing at home with her kids and nephews. 


“Hi.” She shuffles inside the booth and places a hand on her brother-in-law’s knee. “Guess what, I’m not wearing any underwear.”


Prompt used: Incest

Copyright: Lainey Delaroque 2022






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