Three wise monkeys

Dressing up for Halloween in the Moon Garden is always a treat. It’s not really a competition, but me and my friends pour hours of thinking time into the themes and props for our costumes, making sure they have that BFF vibe that is uniquely us. Last year, we went as all-girls Power Rangers. This year, we’re the three wise monkeys with a kinky twist.

Our tops have planned a scene around our costumes, and as we get into position, excitement flutters in my chest. Inside the Moon Garden, our names are Tilly, Milly and Billy, because we’re inseparable. We’re now in the small private room our tops booked. I’m already on my tiptoes, arms in the air, cuffs on my wrists and ankles. Milly and Billy are currently being restrained. 

The idea of the scene is simple, we all agreed to it, but now that it’s shifting into reality, my mind explodes a little. We will all be bound in different corners of the room. Keys and other freedom aids will be within reach, one way or another. 

But the difficulty comes from our ingenious costumes. Milly has noise cancelling headphones, Tilly has a blindfold, and I have a gag. We have to work together to escape. 

As we’re all in position, our tops whisper and snicker in the fourth corner, thoroughly enjoying our predicament. I open my eyes as wide as they will go and wiggle in my restraints, trying to catch Milly’s attention. 

Let the game begin.


Prompt used: Sensory deprivation

Copyright: Lainey Delaroque 2022

Next story coming on 13 October 2022






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