Change of seasons

There are three sounds that break through Kara’s hazy thoughts – the crunch of the leaves, the wet sounds of Richard’s fingers, and her own breathy moans as he fingers her into oblivion on their favorite bench.

The park is quiet; it’s only five a.m., so they run the risk of being discovered by the occasional jogger or dog walker. That’s okay. She’s wearing a long skirt and nothing underneath, and he is holding her on his lap. At a quick glance one might think Kara is crying and Richard is merely comforting her, but the truth is much better, and not any less romantic.

They both enjoy the thrill of doing something naughty in plain sight, and have been doing it every three months, following the change of seasons. 

Fall is Kara’s favorite time – beautiful colors, cozy nights in, and the cold air gliding across her legs to contrast the heat at her core.


Kara and Richard are the characters of an upcoming novella to be published in the Bound To You anthology, available to pre-order here:


Prompt used: Public

Copyright: Lainey Delaroque 2022

Next story coming on 14 October 2022






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