Role reversal

I’m a professional dominatrix. And also a professional groomer. Really, I’m just a victim of hustle culture – I need to be working to know my worth. And both dogs and man puppies give me what I need – unconditional obedience. You would be surprised how much overlap there is between my two careers. But that’s not what I’m telling you about today.

Noodle, my favorite Dachshund client, brought me a collar today. It wasn’t his collar, too big and too BDSM-y. His owner, Kyle, was red with embarrassment as he came running out of the car. So I had a professional conundrum – play it off as nothing serious, and keep quiet; or give Kyle my dominatrix business card. 

What would you choose? I already told you I’m a hustler, so you can imagine how quickly I made that decision…


Prompt used: Role reversal

Copyright: Lainey Delaroque 2022






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